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So you are interested in joining us?

There are several stages you will have to go through before you will be invited to join the Catenian Association. You will also need to know how much it is likely to cost. Some other questions that might arise may be covered in the section FAQs.

First Stage
As with most "clubs" there are conditions of membership that must be met. The following are ours.

Membership is by invitation and is open only to practising Catholic laymen over the age of 21 who are financially stable. There are no specific requirements in terms of income or type of occupation, nor a requirement for a member's wife to be a Catholic: many are not and participate fully in the enjoyment of Catenian life.
We expect you to attend meetings of this Circle regularly, unless prevented by some reasonable difficulty. So it is probable that you live or work in or around Winchester.

We hope to find you willing to participate in Circle social events,  willing to advance the interests of young Catholics, and willing at some time, if circumstances permit, to become an Officer of the Circle.

Second Stage
Contact the Membership Officer, by clicking on the link, and indicating an interest or, if you know a Catenian, mention that you are interested in learning more about the Association with a view to applying for membership.

Third Stage
The Membership Officer will be pleased to discuss in more detail any aspects, and respond to any questions you may have. If you are still interested and you meet our membership criteria you will be invited to one of our dinners following a monthly meeting.

Most "Visiting Gentlemen", as we call such guests, join us for dinner and attend a Circle Meeting. You may even attend a social event with your wife, before finally deciding.

If you have any further queries, the Membership Officer will be pleased to discuss these with you, after which you may complete an application form.

Fourth Stage
Please note that membership of the Catenian Association is by invitation only. Your application will then be considered at the next Council Meeting. An invitation to join is made when the Circle's Council has approved the application.

The Final Stages
All that now remains is attend to the financial matters and arrange the date of your enrolment, a short procedure at the beginning of a monthly Circle meeting. Throughout the evening you will be accompanied by your sponsors.

That's all there is to it! You are now a Catenian, a full member of an international brotherhood of like-minded practising Catholic men.

The Cost of Membership
The annual subscription is currently £130.00. Each monthly dinner costs at present £23 including wine. The cost of outings obviously depends on the outing in question.